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How to choose the right bike helmet for your child

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Getting children into cycling early is rewarding as it is a great way of introducing them to a healthy outdoor activity. Most toddlers start with a balance bike which helps them to become familiar with speed and they learn to coordinate and balance. It is a long-life skill they gain and there is no better way to enjoy family time outdoors on a bike adventure.

With getting your little one on a bike, it is very important that he /she gets used to wear safety gear from an early age. The best kid’s helmets are the ones your child actually wears, it mainly needs to fit proper and comply with safety standards. If your child’s helmet doesn’t fit well, they’re more likely not to wear it at all, wear it the wrong way, or take it off whenever they get the chance. Getting this first step right makes the second step much easier.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right bike helmet

Adjustment is all! Everyone’s head is different so the more adjustable your helmet is, the better it will fit. Having adjustable chin straps and the tensioner around the back of the helmet (easy dial-adjust knobs) will ensure a proper fit and last longer when your child grows.

Check the weight! Especially with young kids, it is important that a helmet is not too heavy. Choose a lightweight helmet which is specially made for youngsters and complies with safety standards.

Let the Air flow! The more exercise your little one does, the hotter it gets. Having a helmet with sufficient ventilation is key to stop overheating, especially on summer rides.

Be Seen! Bright coloured and unique design helmets will be easily spotted in traffic. We recommend letting your child help pick the helmet since they tend to know exactly what they want. It’s a whole lot easier to get kids to wear a helmet if they like it.

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