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Independent kids

teaching kids to be more independent

Parents can help kids to be more independent from an early age with letting them pack their own bag for Kindy.

You can start with letting them be responsible for what goes in and out of the backpack and also show them how to handle it with care.

When children choose their favorite backpack design and name it, it will give them ownership of their bag.

Here is a fun memory game which will help your little ones remember what they are bringing to Kindy.

Kids have to (or pretend to) adding items to their backpack. e.g. fruit, jumper, socks...etc You can decide what words or items you would like to practice with your children.

How to play:

  • One player starts by saying what item they want to pack. e.g. “I’m packing my bag and will bring a banana”

  • Then the next player says what is packed and what he/she wants to add to the bag. e.g. “I’m bringing my backpack with a banana and will ad an orange”

  • Now it is the next person’s turn with another item to add.

  • You play as along you can remember the list of items packed.

  • Once a player can’t remember all the items they are out and only the remaining players continue.

It is a fun game for the whole family or just between friends 😊.

If you find this backpack below cool, you can click here to see all designs

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